This Is A Gift

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This Is A Gift

Fuck you all, you’re lovin’ it,
We’ve made this shit for you, you like our styles,
We’re funky groovy men, don’t flee this place,
Even if you’re scared of seeing your blood,
My middle finger is talking to your mind.

Fuck you all, I don’t like rules,
We’re here to break them all, I take my crowd,
Fuck you, fuck you I don’t need your help,
This is our gift, fuckin’ crowd,
Is this decently violent ?
Bang your head, fingers in the air please,
I’m angry, fuckin’ angry, sick, sick, sick,
And I hate you, you should stop cryin’ and suck, suck, suck
I don’t care what you’re thinkin’ singin’ fuck, fuck, fuck,
So please baby, enjoy in the pit, pit, pit,

You want me to follow you in this strange world,
Where everyone is the same,
I don’t want to help this pink place,
I can’t hear your beautiful voice,
Eatin’ what you don’t like,
Drink your fear,
I would go where I want and let you dying,
If you can follow us, you can try,
If I say you fuck, guess you can cry,

You see,
You’re bleeding,
We like it,