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(I am sorry, you have failed. You have to die for redemption)
I’m in the wrong game, I’m in the wrong place,
Gotta be strong for the long maze,
I’m a try not to fall of the railways,
But I keep fighting with a strong shade,
You don’t see nothing, but you can hear it breathing,
Gotta look over your shoulder, never let any blind spot for your enemy’s hiding ,
Now I gotta find out who’s fuckin’ with me,
The voice in my head knowing what I can’t see,
Well I’m not afraid but who’s talkin’ to me,
Keep following my way, but I see nothing,
Nothing ahead and it’s frightening,
You gotta be guessing what’s happening,
I’m to let you know what you want about what seek,
But you’ll be deceived, when you see what I mean,

I won’t die alone,

(This world is unknown to you. You are too weak)
Wanna face it? Stupid wish, sure you’re gonna regret it,
Find death and embrace it, stupid bitch, you’re not gonna make it, you’re not gonna like it,
When you realize looking in the mirror and see his fucking face in it,
The enemy you never saw, is hidden in every soul,
Still wanna face that, but now guess what,
You have to face you, now you get that,
Now he wanna kill you, you gotta stop you,
Prevent you from killing you, what a mess ?
But I’ll tell you what you missed,
When you know that you’ll be pissed,
You’re already dead, it’s too late to pray, but I bet that you didn’t expect this.
I will not die in here between the four walls of redemption
In the place trust becomes fear, you’ve got six million ways to die, choose one.

I won’t die alone,
In this place, where the fear rises,
I cannot stand this anymore,
I will not quit and fight with it,
This is a nightmare, don’t trust you’re alone,
You can survive in this cell as long as you’re breathing,
Feel the hate rising, feel the pain hunting,
Don’t hear the voice whispering, fight walls of redemption,

I will not die in here, surrounded by rising fear,
I’ll be trying, I’ll be dying trying to fight the wall of redemption.