Oh ! Glory

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Oh ! Glory

Now I wonder what you’re livin’ for, dyin’ for,
Tell me what you’re lookin’ for, what keeps you alive,
You want a big car, big house, with a fuckin’ pool in your backyard,
Become a superstar but never meant to work hard,
So what are you gonna do when the crowd will come for you,
They just like what you do and you do what they listen to,
Back to the basics, don’t get lost in the maze,
Drink some whisky, go on stage and then throw up your rage,

Oh ! Glory, I wanna live and die with you,
Oh ! Glory, I have a cravin’ for you,

Careful if you start to feel
You’re the best on stage, the king on his throne,
The beast out of his cage, lil’ boy has grown,
Just take what you crave for and pick up your throne,
But you’re scared to face the danger of your fame now,
You just wanna see there, many people everywhere,
Movin’ like an ocean of drunk heads jumpin’ and,
Screamin’ when you tell to, as violent as a hurricane,
You move they do the same, that’s fuckin’ insane,

Watch your head motherfucker,
It’s gettin’ bigger and bigger,
To go far you should take it easier,
Or you will fall of your tower.

I don’t need you, you’re nothin’ for me.