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Hey, are you motherfuckers ready to reach our fuckin’ playground,
This place is called the land of nowhere.

It all started in the nineties, I mean, we saw them,
Tryin’ to rap’n’roll, look at them, their all lames,
Hear that fuckin shit voice, what, what, what, what,
If you like it wait a minute, we came playin’ around to bust them,
Who’s supposed to bust us now ?

Nowhere, we’ll end there, now you wait there, you went nowhere,
Sure you deserve it, you kind of choose it, now you belong there, nowhere.

Down to bring the sound, we’re gonna hit the ground and bust ‘em,
Dig to grab their soul, now we’ll shake it, ‘til we break it,
And now we’ll teach you how live, how to rock,
How to scream, how to rap, how to jizz, how to fuck,
And then we’ll teach you how to touch your dream,
If we don’t succeed, you’ll teach us how to leave.

I know how you’re feelin’, who do they think they are,
They wanna teach us how to live, how to rock, how to scream,
They want us to learn, I won’t do what they fuckin’ tell me,
Don’t you know us and our fuckin’ great team,
The team of nowhere, yeah we went nowhere,
Waiting for you there, in the land of nowhere.