Lost Generation (fuck the system)

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Lost Generation (fuck the system)

You’re lost sheep on the mountain,
Just walkin’ around in vain,
Follow the system to fuck the system,
Come into it to fuckin’ explode it,
Stand up to fight and beat the head of the state,
Then fill your heart with hate, yeah fill your heart with hate,

We’re ready to go and never stand alone,
Sure your know that, get yourselves together,
We won’t fall, bring our rights back home,
Come on, follow us, get together,
We’ll reach the king and make him fall of his throne,
Just get together,
You think all the roads fuckin’ lead to Rome,
Get back together,

You think you’re doing the best you can to seize your dream,
Still you know you can go further,
You should know you’d better ask fuckin’ questions,
If you want your fuckin’ answers,
If you keep lettin’ them go,
Next time they’ll fuck your sister,
Let’s start a fuckin’ festival of violence and murder,

Fuck the system…
Youth of the nation,
You’re Lost Generation,
That’s your decision,
Get ready to fuck the system.