Living Deads

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Living Deads

Load your weapon, we’ll fight all night. I’m the Dark King and the night’s all mine.
I’m here with my band. We’ll blown your town up. We’ll stab you and rip you before you wake up.
You can’t stop Enemy Of The Enemy. You can try many times, you’ll just lose your mind.
This melody takes your energy. Don’t be so crazy. You just amaze me.
Don’t forget you’re just a human. Be smart enough to see we fear of nobody in town.
Don’t try to fight bigger than you can. You’re a dead man, if you keep on we’ll just bring and break you down.

Watch out over the graveyard you can see our ghosts smokin’ and playin’ cards.
You can see I’m gonna win the game because I’m drivin’ in your ass the 4 aces of fame.
So, just sittin’ on your faith your god wants you prayin’ in the dark for a softy death, you know.
Don’t care about your fuckin’ face, dirty face, bloody face, give a look at your sloppy face.
We lead the dance from the darkness, spreadin’ illness with no access.
With your fuckin’ mug, don’t even think about playin’ on our Superness.
You guess, yes you guess silly prey that could forever run away from my hunger,
But you don’t know… How big is my hunger?

I’m comin’. I’m with all my band and with all of our rage.
We’re comin’. You’re just jailed, you’re locked up in a cage.

Listen out, the silence is broken. You’re alone in the dark. Aren’t frightened of what could happen?
I bet you fear of your shadow. Stupid. You should better fear of the Enemy.

E of the E will be on time, don’t be sad you won’t be losin’ a rhyme.
You’re gonna stay down, we’ll crush you on the ground. Sure, you’re gonna cry.
And now the fog comes around, comin’ from nowhere, heavy heavy sound.
Blinded, can’t see anythin’. Turn around, look around, somethin’ is comin’.

You can run, you can jump, if you wanna try to escape.
We don’t have guns, we don’t have bombs; drums, guitar, bass, voice for your brain to explode.

Listen out now the silence is noisy. You’re still in the dark but your fear ain’t leavin’.
Wherever you’re hidin’ we’ll make you scream. Do you fuckin’ understand that you’ll suffer for real?
Don’t be nervous, we here you breathin’. Nobody to protect you your god is missin’.
We’ll kill you hard, won’t forgive all of your sins. For a quick death our ass you’ll be kissin’.

Your end’s gonna be quite gore, be ready to dig your tomb in the floor.
You’ll dig deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper, and when you get bored, you’ll dig even deeper.
To be impressive you’ll have to shout louder, if you do it, I’ll shout even louder.
Give up while you’re still able to. You’re too weak, by keepin’ on you may hurt you.

Here comes the Lord. Are you ready?