Farm Boy

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Farm Boy

I’m a poor lonesome farm boy,
That’s my field not yours, look around boy,
You should go back in your wood you’re on my soil,
I’m gonna motherfuckin’ burn you with boilin’ oil.
One day came a knight,
Asked me if he could stay for the night,
He got bloody injured in the fight,
I let him get in and lay on his sight.
He needed some rest, lost a lot of blood,
An arrow in the chest, motherfuckin’ big hole in the armor.
I think he will die on my knees.
Take my sword, take my fight, you’re my last hope, last wish of the knight.
This time I think I’m gonna kill.

First, I kick my lord, and I see blood on my armor and he says :
“Please I give you my realm” but I don’t care,
“I just want to kill your dream”

I’m a psychotic psychopath, I’m gonna take your hat,
Take your head, cut your neck, run away and move your fat,
I just kill everybody, I don’t trust anybody,
you should tell everybody, I won’t let anybody live.
Now face my king, my lord wanna make sure my faith is real, NO.
Face to face, my hate spreads on him, my king on his knees, that was the deal.

You are the one I blame for that.

I think that the devil’s inside me,
My king on his knees was the deal,
You’re takin’ my soul, now you take it for real,
My king on his knees was the deal…

I’m a motherfuckin’ predator, you can call me Annihilator.
I will kill you if you’re on my territory, I will rip your wife, kill your kid, kill everyone,
And I don’t fear no one, I’ve just killed my lord.
I’m takin’ your life, I’m takin’ your soul.