Dangerous Species

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Dangerous Species

Look into your mind will see you’ll never be the same, if you wanna start to feel what you’ve never felt in your life, deep in your mind you’ll find a strange way to change yourself, if you wanna feel insane, free your hate, free your rage, you’ll see you’ll never be the same again.
If you wanna feel dangerous, just let us teach you how to trust the devil hidden in your soul, he’ll guide your thoughts, you’re about to fall. If we wanna fuck you now, let us show you how, you’re ready bitch ? If we wanna see you down, let us kill you now, yeah we’ll kill you bitch.

‘Cause you don’t even know what, what is inside you.
‘Cause you don’t even know what, what is inside me.

Look into your soul you won’t trust what you’ll find inside, if you try hard to hide your crimes, gotta be sure nobody will trust your lies. If you wanna live, you gotta choose your side, or you gotta be sure you’ll be left behind. It’s or be killed, sell or be sold, gotta choose your life, rather lead or gold.
I’m in need for a soul to corrupt, sure you must be afraid but you have no motherfuckin’ choice you cunt, if you don’t follow us you’re dead, you slut. Let me, let me see that, let me lick that, let me eat that, let me take quick that soul, I’m to rock, I’m to roll your body and soul. Take the lead of your brain is my goal.

Don’t you know that I come from hell, sure you know, what !?
I’m to take what I want, give me your mind give me your soul.
I’m to kill you, I won’t let you run away.
Don’t you know that you can’t escape, you’re my bitch, slave !
That’s your fate, you’re my pet. You should be kind, eat in my hand.
I’m to help you, I will make you feel enraged.
Dangerous species.

I won’t let… I won’t let you run away.