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Now you wonder what I’m gonna do with all that fuckin’ glory,
Have you ever heard somethin’ about my fury, hear it now,

Here I am, the beast on stage,
I’m back in town, just blew up my cage,
Hear the sound I’m gonna throw up my rage,
Here comes the night, here comes the moon,
Here comes the dark, you’ll see the beast soon,
Don’t you know my name I’ll say it louder,
I’m the big bad wolf motherfucker.

Can’t you see all my hate,
You should stay away,
If you stand on my way,
I will break you away,

Know your enemy, should be careful in front of me,
I’ve no pity, the city will flee me as the cruelest conqueror,
Send a hunter to look me in the eye and pull the trigger,
Motherfuckin’ piece of shit shoot me,
And become the hero you wanna be,
The chance of your life to be my killer,
Stab me with a knife and push it deeper.