Angels Can Die

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Angels Can Die

Welcome in our show,
We’re goin’ to tell you the story of a mad man,
He is the worst, the unwholesome god,
He was born to kill and to destroy.

I wake up angry, I’m blood thirsty,
I don’t know why the sun doesn’t appear today,
The air smells like war,
Hear the call,
I take my twin blades, they are my life,
My blood, my sweat, my tears,
You know, my child, should be afraid of them,
Perfect weapon,
My goal today is the same as every day,
Just killin’, rockin’, murderin’ and a bed full of blood,
But I need an angel,
He’s a demon.
I’ve heard that angels can’t die, do you trust it ?
Hey, it can be a beautiful fight,
I’m gonna check it, and maybe, find death.

What !?
I’m the god of war !

I’m lookin’ at the sky and insult gods,
Then a dazzlin’ light brings me the rival I need,
To be the great devil who kills angels and gods,
He’s alone,
His white spear makes me sick of it,
He’s first to hit, haha, maybe he thinks I can’t block,
He stinks fear, I see the defeat in his eyes,
Stop cryin’,
What happened, he threw me a secret attack,
I hear gods laughin’, their helping my fuckin’ enemy. Still cowards,
He’s scared,
Fuck you all, I’m the god of war,I do my job, I’m the best,
You can guess who won this fuckin’ battle of titans.

I cut his feather and his wings one by one,
I cut his throat, drink his blood like a vampire,
Wow, scream my name all over the realm,
I was born to kill and to destroy.

I never lay down, fall down,
You sound crazy,
You won’t beat me ever,
‘Cause I’m a demon,
Facin’ all the angels,
Challengin’ gods,